Friday, April 25, 2008

Sautéd Red Cabbage Salad (with tasty Greek influences)

I've made a solemn salad vow that is turning out to be scrumptious. This one was especially differently yummy.

I love cabbage and it's incredibly good for you, but sometimes when it's raw it's just too much. I wanted some colour in this salad for vitamins and cabbage keeps so well that it's a good standby. If you sauté it in a wee but of butter it makes a lovely salad topping. (Butter, I know 'bad,' but this salad is best enjoyed with a miniscule amount of salad dressing, so it's okay.) ;0) A little butter goes a long way in this: it lends the nicest creaminess to the nutty cabbage.

Sauté cabbage until it's al dente & adding sea salt helps keep the colour and pepper is wonderful with cabbage.
  • Start with your favourite green (this has romaine hearts & spinach-both organic)
  • Add the teeniest amount of finely-diced feta & spanish onions
  • Red cabbage goes on there too
  • Top with a hit of your favourite herb (I had basil on here & it was wondrously good)
Dressing suggestion: Greek. Nice. :0)

Happy eats!

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