Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Crazy Eggs: Scrambled Nest

This is a little odd, but if you like scrambled eggs and you like sunny side up (or "dippin' eggs") but aren't so big on the whites, then you're sure to like it. (I've probably just described 1% of the egg-loving population of the world, but hey, if you're out there... then this is for you!)

How to:

--Put eggs in a bowl (Leave out one yolk per person, but leave enough yolks in to get your scramble the way you like it.)
--Beat eggs well (lots of air is good.)
--Add a tiny bit of cold water and beat more. :0)

--Add eggs to a pan that has melted butter and is on medium (lowish-medium) heat.
--Cook (stirring occasionally) until they are partially cooked (Overcooking equals yucky eggs-any brown colour is awful, lol.)

--Make a little nest in the scrabbled eggs and then nestle the yolk into it:

--Add cheese if you like. Finish eggs in the oven (350%) until it reaches desired 'done-ness.' (Be wary of overcooking.)
--Salt and pepper last (keeps eggs fluffier.)

:0) Mel

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