Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tools I Couldn't Cook Without: Microplane & Ikea Bowl Grater

I love this sucker! This microplane grater from Lee Valley Tools is an astoundingly good product. (Long skinny grater at left in picture.) It was originally created for woodworking, but has since become famous for its high quality grating of citrus zest, spices like nutmeg, Parmesan cheese etc... I introduced it to our friend Billy (who is a chef) and he loves it too. It's available with a cover that you can buy separately, but I don't have one. I just grate directly into the bowl and just store it safely against the side of a drawer. I found it worth the $14.00 (Note: I'm not affiliated with Lee Valley; I just love this thing.)

Sometimes you get an amazing product for a really great deal ($4.99 for two!) This bowl style grater from Ikea is just such a bargain. I love the bowl with its non-slip bottom (and the lid that keeps your grated bits fresh.) The grater has stayed sharp through lots of dishwasher cycles and even grates carrots (I go in circles with the carrots and it grates SUPER fast.)

:0) Mel

P.S. [Disclaimer: While I am not sure how I feel about Ikea's production politics (and I'm sometimes upset by poor quality of a select few of their products) I'm not in a budget-position that can always afford supremely ethical purchasing--one day...]

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