Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ingredient of the Day: Garden Peppers

A little eye-candy for you. Look like your usual peppers, right? Nope, these are homegrown baby! and the one on the left is an unusual variety 'a Fajita pepper', grown by Jay--my (primo) father-in-law--and by Esther my marvelous m.i.l.; they're gardeners-extrordinaire. (Yes, I'm bragging, but I'm so damned lucky! If you knew, you'd be soooooo jealous.)

These hapless little suckers were delicious in salad and the last of their kind will be scrumptiously devoured in a future stir-fry (Recipe to follow; if you drink wine, buy some. In my humble opinion, no stirfry should ever be made without a wee glass o' vino to accompany your cooking. Besides, it's good for you!)

;0P Mel

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