Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mini Quiche (Great make-ahead Party food, not low-fat)

This also works as a large Quiche or a Brioche and reheats very nicely.

Prep. time 20 min. To make 12 mini quiche or one large quiche use the amounts here...

Bacon (1/3 package)
Spinach (fresh baby organic is my fave) (1/2 package)
(12) Premade mini or full size pastry shells (unless you're Martha)
Creamy Feta Cheese (Superstore has a great one) (20 small pieces)
Pinch o' salt. Fresh ground pepper
Eggs (I love Born3 eggs) (4)
Dash of cream (optional)
Pinch of paprika

Put pastry shell(s) on a cookie sheet. Poke pastry shell(s) with a knife/fork and bake in a preheated 400 degree oven 'til lightly golden; set aside.

Break/cut feta into small chunks,
add to a bowl with the beaten Eggs.

In a medium-large frying pan add bacon (cut into small pieces) and fry; drain all of the fat. Add slightly chopped spinach with no stems (if using baby or medium chopped for large spinach) and fry until lightly wilted. Cool the bacon-spinach mix.

Add bacon and spinach to eggs; grind in pepper & add a pinch of salt (or your favourite V.E. sansel/seasoning.) Cook until eggs are done and serve warm.

Compliments ensue: "buttery!" "melt in your mouth."
and they look nice with a little herb bouquet on the plate.

For a vegetarian option: omit bacon, add 1 tbsp butter to saute spinach in & then add 3 small roasted red peppers (minced), 1 tbsp spanish onion (minced.) And sauted minced mushrooms if you like them.

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You are the most amazingly creative person I never cease to amaze me!!!
I love your mind.